Моделі, яких це стосується

This information is for the following models equipped with Infineon's TPM.

  • SVP11216STB
  • SVP1121A4E
  • SVP1121B4E
  • SVP1121C4E
  • SVP1121C5E
  • SVP1121D4E
  • SVP1121M1EBI
  • SVP1121M2EB
  • SVP1121M2RS
  • SVP1121V9RB
  • SVP1121W9EB
  • SVP1121X2EB
  • SVP1121X2RB
  • SVP1121X9EB
  • SVP1121X9RB
  • SVP1121Z9EB
  • SVP1121Z9RB
  • SVP1122C5E
  • SVP1122M2EB
  • SVP13211STS
  • SVP13213STB
  • SVP13218PTB
  • SVP13219PTB
  • SVP1321A4E
  • SVP1321A6E
  • SVP1321B4E
  • SVP1321B6E
  • SVP1321C4E
  • SVP1321C5E
  • SVP1321C6E
  • SVP1321D4E
  • SVP1321D6E
  • SVP1321E4RB
  • SVP1321F4RB
  • SVP1321I6RB
  • SVP1321J1EBI
  • SVP1321J1RBI
  • SVP1321L1EBI
  • SVP1321L1RBI
  • SVP1321M1RBI
  • SVP1321M2EB
  • SVP1321M2RS
  • SVP1321M4RS
  • SVP1321M8EBI
  • SVP1321M9EB
  • SVP1321M9RB
  • SVP1321N2EB
  • SVP1321N4RS
  • SVP1321N6RS
  • SVP1321O6RS
  • SVP1321Q4RB
  • SVP1321R4E
  • SVP1321S1EBI
  • SVP1321S2EB
  • SVP1321S4E
  • SVP1321S9EB
  • SVP1321T4E
  • SVP1321T6RBI
  • SVP1321U4E
  • SVP1321U6RBI
  • SVP1321V9EB
  • SVP1321V9RB
  • SVP1321W9EB
  • SVP1321X9EB
  • SVP1321X9RB
  • SVP1321Y9EB
  • SVP1321Z9EB
  • SVP1321Z9RB
  • SVP1322A4E
  • SVP1322A4RB
  • SVP1322B4E
  • SVP1322B4RB
  • SVP1322C4RB
  • SVP1322C5E
  • SVP1322D4E
  • SVP1322D4RB
  • SVP1322E4E
  • SVP1322F4E
  • SVP1322G4E
  • SVP1322H4E
  • SVP1322H4RS
  • SVP1322I4E
  • SVP1322I4RS
  • SVP1322J4E
  • SVP1322J4RS
  • SVP1322K4E
  • SVP1322K4RS
  • SVP1322L1EBI
  • SVP1322L4E
  • SVP1322M1EBI
  • SVP1322M1RBI
  • SVP1322M2EB
  • SVP1322M4E
  • SVP1322M8EBI
  • SVP1322M9RB
  • SVP1322N4E
  • SVP1322N4RBI
  • SVP1322O4E
  • SVP1322O4RBI
  • SVP1322P4E
  • SVP1322P4RBI
  • SVP1322Q4RBI
  • SVP1322R4RBI
  • SVP1322V2EB
  • SVP1322V8EBI
  • SVP1322V9EB
  • SVP1322V9RB
  • SVP1322X2EB

Про це завантаження

Benefits and improvements

  • Mitigate the vulnerability of Infineon TPM


  • This update requires complicated operation. Follow the steps correctly, otherwise the PC may become unusable.
  • The update will fail if the power is unexpectedly turned off while updating.
    Connect the AC adapter and do not turn off the PC during the update.


Check the firmware version

Follow these steps to check the currently installed firmware version of the TPM:

  1. Hold down the [Windows] key and press the [R] key. The "Run" dialogue box will open up.
  2. In the "Run" dialog box, enter "tpm.msc" and select "OK".
  3. Check if the Manufacturer Name is "IFX" and Manufacturer Version is "4.31" or "4.32".

  4. Only the models with the versions above will be the target of this update.

Інформація про файл

Ім’я файлу

  • EP0000605011.exe

Версія файлу

  • 4.34

Розмір файлу

  • 7,116,768 байтів

Дата випуску

  • 02-08-2018

Вимоги до системи

Operating systems

The latest version of this update is compatible with most commonly used versions of Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
IMPORTANT: Models upgraded to Windows 8.1 are also targeted by this update.


Important notice

  • When you update, the TPM must be enabled.
    If you are not using TPM now, update it when you use it.
  • When you update, you must have administrator privileges.
  • Back up your data.
  • When update TPM firmware, the data in TPM is lost.
  • If you are using any application with TPM, follow the instructions for the application.
  • If you are using Virtual Smart Card with TPM, the information of the Virtual Smart Card is lost.

Before you upgrade

  • Exit all other applications.
  • Connect AC adapter.
  • Suspend or turn off BitLocker.


How to suspend or turn off BitLocker
Select "Suspend protection" or "Turn off BitLocker" under Manage BitLocker.
Follow these steps to show the BitLocker management screen.
  • Settings -> Enter "Manage BitLocker" in Search.
  • File Explorer -> This PC -> Right-click on Local Disk (C:) and select Manage BitLocker.
When you restart the system, the protection is resumed.
If the system restarts before the update tool is executed, suspend BitLocker again.
How to clear the TPM
  1. Hold down the [Windows] key and press the [R] key. The "Run" dialogue box will open up.
  2. In the "Run" dialog box, enter "tpm.msc" and select "OK".
  3. Select "Clear TPM".
  4. The system will restart and display the message "TPM configuration change was required to State: Clear".
    Select "Execute".


Step 1: Install the update

  1. Download EP0000******.exe file and save it in a folder on your computer.
  2. Execute EP0000******.exe. Select the target folder to extract.
  3. Confirm AC adapter is connected and BitLocker is suspended or turned off.
  4. Execute "IFXTPMUpdate_TPM12_r0103.exe", which is included in extracted folder.
  5. If the User Account Control dialog appears, select "Yes".
  6. Tick "Accept the terms of this license agreement", and select "Next".
  7. When all conditions are satisfied, select "Next".
    Select "Next".

    Note: Error pattern
    A) The TPM is not the target of the update.
    There is no need to update.

    B) AC adapter is not connected.
    Connect AC adapter and select "Refresh"

    C) BitLocker is still enabled.
    Suspend or turn off the BitLocker and select "Refresh".

    D) The TPM is already updated.
    There is no need to update.

    E) The owner password must be entered.
    If you know the owner password, enter the password.
    If you have the file for the owner password, specify the password file.
    If neither is available, you need to clear the TPM. To exit the tool, select "Cancel".
    For clearing the TPM, see "How to clear the TPM"
    Resume from Step 3.

  8. Select "Update".
    Do not suspend hibernation, restart or shut down the system.

  9. Wait to complete the update.
  10. When this screen appears, update is completed.
    Tick "Restart computer" and select "Close".
    The system will restart.

Step 2: Check the update was successful

After the update, check if the new version has been installed successfully by following the steps in the [Check the firmware version] section.
If the Manufacturer version shown is "4.34", the upgrade was successful.